Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sep 14, 2007

Abhi still in coma. Money needed for surgery. Bhaskar promised to send the money, but no money has shown up, calls to him are unanswered. Usual panic in the family.

Rajesh goes to an orphanage to deliver some foodstuffs, where he notices Easwaran as one of the inmates. He tries to talk to him, but Easwaran does not reply. Rajesh returns to the hospital, where he tells Karpagam (herself in a hospital room, being fixed a cool drink by Sharada) about seeing Easwaran in such a state. karpagam gets all upset, something Rajesh is unable to understand why. Sharada departs to pay the bill for the operation: she says she pawned some jewelry. Such a simple solution!

Outside Karpagam's room, Tiruvengadam is listening to this piece of information, for a few days, Easwaran has gone missing and no one knows where. Now he wants to trade in this information for some benefit. He heads straight to Adi's house, to commisserate, and drop this bombshell. However, Adi does not give him any lift. He says get lost if you want to talk about my dad. We don't want to know where he is. Tiruvengadam goes away crestfallen.

Meanwhile, Karpagam goes to see Easwaran at the anatahasram. She is talking with him, when Adi, who has out of curiosity come to the place, overhears that she is his first wife. His face changes expression.


Nothing worthwhile. Nallathambi goes to the public prosecutor to tell her she should make sure Arasi does not get her job back (which is the public prosecutor's job anyway). He offers money, which she turns down. He threatens her, but she is not threatened.

Ganga tells Nallathambi that Kalai has been given a good thrashing by the mother and daughter.

The court case is ready to commence...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

September 13, 2007


Tolkappian is riding in a autorickshaw. a police van carrying Inspector Tilla is right alongside. The two vehicles go side-by-side for a long time, but Tilla, though he stops another auto rickshaw, does not pay any attention to this one. Finally, they go their separate ways. Five minute spent.
When Aarti and Co. had gone through a broker trying to sell Abhi's land, they found some squatters there. Actually, it turns out, those squatters had been placed there by non-other than Bhaskar! Aarti returns to the hospital. empty handed.

Who should arrive at the hospital but Bhaskar! he is a very nice to Abhi's mother, saying that he is happy to advance the money for Abhi's operation. only, he needs a property as collateral, and it would be enough when everything is back to normal, for Abhi to return just the principal. He offers 50 lakhs. Abhi's mother says 10 is enough. He then walks us into the ICU and talks to an unconscious Abhi, telling her how much he is enjoying taking revenge on her and that he is going to completely finish her off. The guy has a natural repulsiveness that fits his role perfectly.

Continuing her diplomatic offensive, Sentamilarasi's mother now goes to Kalai's house. She silences all the in-laws, and says she will only talk to her granddaughter.she once again,berates her forof foolishness in her marriage, and staying onwith these fools. Kalai does not speak, but has tears in her eyes. The worst thing she has done, says grandmother is to give false complaints against her mother. She asks if she will speak truthin the courtroom tomorrow. Kalai answers, I will, and goes back in. Grandmother leaves, and the rest of the family confers in what to to Kalai to keep her in line.

Aishwarya Comes back for a checkup the same doctor is counting rupee notes. He examines her briefly, and telling the nurseto take a temperature, leaves, saying he will come back after his rounds. Grandfather protests is, saying the fever is actually gone up. But the doctor ignores them and leaves Outside, he calls Nallatambi, who chuckles and tells him he's doing exactly the right thing, and that he should once again administer the wrong medicine.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

September 11, 2007


In the hospital, much confusion. The hospital needs 10 lakh rupees to perform surgery on Abhi. Her mother turns on Aarti. If you can, get the money. Otherwise, shut up. Aarti shuts up, (doing us all a great favor). Meanwhile, the seth, after talking to Adi, puts a call through to his son,who is leading the money to Ishwaran. Back to the pavilion, he says. The son, who has just reached the hospital and it is greeted anxiously by Iswaran, tells him he has just received instructions to return with the money.

Easwaran returns home in great anger. He shouts for Adi, who appears on the balcony upstairs. Easwaran goes up the stairsand demands to know what his son has done. Kanchana and her mother come up to see what is going on. She accuses her husband of supporting Abhi against his own son. He says he is only doing an atonement for his son's sins. She continues to accuse him off and undue soft corner forAbhi. finally in frustrationhe says he will tell them why he is concerned about Abhi. His mother-in-law tries to stop him, succeedsthe first couple of times. But, when Kanchana keeps taunting him, he shouts that he will tell them why. This is too much for his mother-in-law, who shouts saying he should not, and then collapses. She is dead.

Adi accuses his father of murdering his grandmother. The cremation gets over, and at the ghat, after having performed the ceremonies, Adi turns on his father, yelling and screaming and lunging at him. Others restrain him. When Easwaran returns home, Kanchana asks him to get out of the house. Adi rants. Easwaran leaves home, and takes a long walk. His daughter spots him walking on the roadand tries to reason with him, but he ignores her and keeps on walking. He reaches the beach.

Sentamilarasi's mother, continues her diplomatic initiative. Today she visits the estranged daughter in law, and tries to reason with her, telling her that she has been unfair to Sentamilarasi, who had been so fond of her. The daughter-in-law says she cannot do anything without her brother's consent.

Minor brouhaha, amongst Sentamilarasi's colleagues. Two of them have dropped some uncharitable remarks about their boss (Sentamilarasi) to the inquiry committee. The third, Iman Ali, is miffed at this. An argument ensues, and he tenders his resignation to the police commissioner. the commercial refuses to accept his resignation, saying he does not want to lose an honest officer like him.

Tamarai's father brings Aishwarya to the hospital. She has been sick for a couple days, running fever. The doctor examines her, then leaves the room and calls Nallatambi. He describes the young patient, and Nallatambi is overjoyed to that this is actually GJ's own daughter. He tells the doctor to give some medicine that would actually make her condition worse, and ask her to come back in a couple days. The doctor does so. Nallatambi chuckles to himself, saying to G. J.that he is going to take revenge on him through his own daughter.

Kaveri visits her father in jail, only this time he sees her. He subtly encourages her to kill Sentamilarasi, but to wait until she gets into uniform, after her suspension is lifted.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 10, 2007


Abhi still in coma.

Problem of money. Aarti's agitation does not translate to the 10 lakhs needed for operation. Meanwhile, Mr. Guilty Conscience makes his way to the hospital, and tries to persuade his first wife to take the money from him. She wants to take it, but something restrains her. Finally she decides to take it, only to be opposed by Aarti.

Mr. GC (Adi's father) asks for money from a moneylender seth, saying it should be delivered at the hospital. After sending the money, seth is solicitious (an oxymoron) and phones Adi to check if everything is ok. Adi fumes. Says he'll handle it from here.

Meanwhile, police are hunting for the genius who brought the killers right into the courtroom, aka Tolkappian. Till raids his house, is told by Shanti he is not home. They leave. Tolkappian phones and gets latest information from Shanti.

Ganga visits the Christian charitable institution where his wife had taken refuge. His father is also there. Both go in and search, but to no avail. Finally they go to the chapel, where the priest tells them she is no longer there. The father tries to browbeat the priest, but Ganga restrains him. When they are outside, (s)he tells her father to get the wife's whereabouts via Kalai, if necessary, by physical means.

At Arasi's house, her mother confides in her grandson, who is pleased at her reconciliation with Selvi. Arasi sees them talking, and extracts the fact that her mother has seen Selvi. Mother spins a yarn about how she gave Selvi a tight slap, etc. Arasi is still very vexed with Selvi.

Kaveri goes to see her father, who finally sees her. She tells him Arasi has been suspended. He says this must be Nallathambi's work.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Up to March 22?

Catching up

Too much work, I missed a whole bunch of episodes.  I'm trying to catch up, slowly.  Please bear with me.

Quick update (Up to March 22)


As mentioned before, Sivadas is taken away to Cochin.  Abhi and Tolkappian flounder around, with Abhi blaming Tolkappian for the fiasco.

Meanwhile, the blackmailer Maddy is tormenting Anjali and Usha, threatening to reveal everything unless he is given a great deal of money.  Usha goes to meet him, where she is followed by a suspicious Adi ( who does not see the actual person she is meeting with).  On the day before the wedding, a double feature, with Anjali marrying Kishore, and Arjun marrying Rekha, being celebrated with usual madras extravagance, who should show up but Maddy? He  meets with Usha and Anjali in one of the rooms, and threatens them once again that he will reveal all. usha tells him she will meet him later at a deserted spot. She leaves in a hurry, deciding to give her necklace, which is the only wealth she has handy. She meets Maddy at a lonely wood land (by the way are there such spots in Madras?).  She hands over the necklace.  But he wants more -- her.  She pulls out a pen knife, which he easily takes away from her.  As he approaches her, she pushes him, hard.  He trips, and tumbles over a cliff.  She is completely shaken, but she recovers and returns to the marriage hall. shortly thereafter, a policeman comes tothe marriage hall, and whispered something in Kishore's ear. It is about a body that has been found at the bottom of the cliff. Usha is aghast at all this.  Anyway the point is that Maddy is out of the picture.

The next morning, the wedding takes place.  Immediately afterwards, a posse of policeman arrives.  It seems like Usha has been caught.  but it is not Usha they have come to arrest.  Instead, it is Adi! remember the human rights case?  There is a warrant out for both Adi and the Minister.  The latter, owing to some phone call, has left for the party office.  The police, in face off all the usual screams and shouts by the womenfolk, take Adi away.  Rekha quickly calls her father and tells them that the cops are looking for him too. He slips away and is now in some slum, disguised.

Abhi and Tolkappian head to Cochin.  There they run into Shant's husband (remember, Tolkappian's housemate?), in the oddest of circumstances.  He has been given a contract to kill Abhi! fortunately, Tolkappian intervenes, and discovers that his old friend is now a hired assassin.  He promises to help Tolkappian and Abhi find a way to reach Sivadas.

This is set up by a stroke of good fortune.  A little girl is trying to cross the road.  Traffic is flying, heedless of the girl.  An instant later, she is bound to be hit.  Tolkappian, who is talking to his friend, suddenly spots the girl, and plunges into the road and rescues her, without heeding the danger to himself.  Soon a well-dressed lady comes over, and thanks him profusely for saving her daughter's life.  He asks why she allowed her child to walk into the traffic.  The mother says the child is deaf and dumb.  The crowd also praises Tolkappian.  You know where this is going. Appuchami (Shanti's husband) dropped Tolkappian off by boat at the backyard of the DCP, where Tolkappian hopes to convince the official to let him and Abhi meet with Sivadas. The official kicks him off the premises, saying that he too has heard of Sivdaas, the notorious criminal.

As he is walking away dejected, a car stops.  Who should get out, but the motherof a child he has saved only that afternoon!  He tells her his story, and she assures him that she will make the DCP, who was none other than her husband, see differently.  She takes him back to her home, and the DCP agrees to arrange for him and Abhi to meet with Sivadas  the next day.

Meanwhile, back at Abhi's residence, Anu and Mano return  from the wedding. the usual war of words commences between Anu and Aarti. One thing leads to another, and Abhi's mother decides that her daughter-in-law has gone beyond the limit.  She asks Mano to take his wife and leave.  Now Anu drops another bombshell.  She says, I own this house. you all can leave. Everybody wonders if she has taken leave all her senses. No, says Mano. Her mother has secretly purchased this house in her name!Abhi's mother cannot bear this perfidy.  She takes Aarti and Rajendran and leaves immediately. They go to Tiruvengadam's house, where they had treated to the full force of his sarcasm.

the three kids are kidnapped by Nallatambi's men. Selvi receives a phone call saying that unless she drops her case, she cannot see the kids.  While she is struggling with this, standing outside her house, Pandian and Chellappillai are driving by on their motorbike. Pandian stops to say something nasty to his old enemy.  She tells him that she herself is in an agitated state because of the children. He guffaws that this is what she deserves because of what she did to him.  Later, while drinking, Chellappillai urges him to do something good for change.  Why not rescue the children and restore them to Selvi, who after all, has only done good things for everyone? Pandian agrees. A midnight rescue is effected, and the kids are brought back to Selvi. She promptly takes them away and returns, saying they are in a safe place from which no one can take them. Nor can they contact anyone. Three annoyances out of the show! Bravo.

 scene shifts to Bombay.  They show Sentamilarasi battling crime, by shooting people at will, no warrabt, no trial. meanwhile, Mahima is kidnapped by the evil twin, whose sells her to a whore housein Bombay. Guess which one?  The the same one that Sentamilarasi is raiding.

The real big development is elsewhere.  Judge Kartikeyan has some "doubts" about the written testimony, and asks Selvi to appear in person.  When he sees her, he goes into shock.  He asks for a number of personal questions, which she answers hesitantly.  Every answer completesanother piece of the puzzle in his mind. she is his wife's daughter! He goes into deep shock.  Stops all communication with his family in Bombay, who are worried about him.  He refuses to take phone calls from them. He knows!

A mini-episode.  Sentamilarasi's daughter-in-law is getting strange phone calls from a former classmate.  A young man is in love with her and refuses to let go.  She agrees to meet him, and does so, telling him that she has never loved him, and has never told them she did.  He should get on with his life.  He refuses.  This composition is being watched, from a distance, by her husband.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Up to Mar 9


Sivadas is lying in an abandoned warehouse where he has been brought by Tolkappian and others.  Abhi visits and there. He is so grateful to Abhi and Tolkappian for saving his life, and expresses his gratitude.  When he sees Abhi in tears, he asks what the matter is.  She tells him that she has lost the company, because the majority of the shares now the rest with Adi. "But, but, how?", he asks.  I still have my shares, and if I transfer them to you, you will get the company back.  This is exactly what Abhi wants to hear, but she doesn't want to say herself.  She rushes off to get the appropriate documents prepared.  (One more reason why Abhi and Tolkappian don't the company-anyone else in her place would have had the documents ready when she came to see Sivadas!).

  Abhi goes to the lawyer, who says that getting a signature from Sivadas at this point would reveal that they have actually been hiding a fugitive, a fact which the opposition could use against them.  He suggests, brilliantly, and after a good deal of thought, that she should get the papers signed with a prior date, that is, before Sivadas  was a fugitive from justice.

Meanwhile Adi has set inspector Tillai after Abhi, asking him to tail her and Tolkappian, in the hope that they would lead him to Sivadas, although how exactly Tillai should tail two different people at the same time, defying numerous laws of physics, is not explained.  Nor does Tillai ask.

Tillai confronts Abhi as she comes out off her lawyer's office.  But she is one step ahead of him, and has only an innocent document with her.  After she has baffled the inspector, her lawyer joins her, and gives her the actual document to be signed by Sivadas. As she departs, Tillai gets suspicious once more, and follows her. Along and idiotic chase ensues, including one scene where she changes into a burqa, while holding the same old telltale blue file in her hands.Tillai finally notices and gives chase.  By the time she reaches the hideout, Adi has somehow managed to find the location, and has dispatched a large number of hoodlums with instructions to finish off everybody they find around Sivadas, and of course, the man himself.  Tolkappian spots the invading party, and sizing up the situation, comes to the conclusion that the only way to save Sivadas is to give him up to the police.  He therefore informs a police official he knows, who arrives quickly with a large contingent.  Meanwhile, Tolkappian and others battle the invaders, keeping them at bay, protecting Sivadas before the police arrived.  Except the other defenders don't know that the police are going to show up.  When the police do arrive they take Sivadas into custody, and why doing so, the inspector thoughtfully thanks Tolkappian.  This comes as a complete shock to Sivadas, was now convinced that Tolkappian has doublecrossed him.  He accuses him of doing so.

As the fugitive is being led away, Abhi arrives with the paperwork.  When she discovers what has happened, she is furious at
Tolkappian.  She says if he had waited a few minutes longer, she could have gotten the paper signed. now, owing to his panic, they have lost their company forever.  She is inconsolable.  Tolkappian keeps telling her that was no other way to save Sivadas, and if he had waited, Adi's goonswould have killed him, destroying any chance of ever getting anything signed by him.

The next day, as Sivadas is being produced before a magistrate, in preparation to being transferred to the Kerala police, Abhi and Tolkappian show up.  They are actually hoping to get the paper signed at the court! obviously, that doesn't happen.

Adi and Minister clebrate this news.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Up to Fri Feb 23

a lot has happened. Let me try and recap everything.

Ranjan refuses to extend the time needed by Abhi constructions to complete the project. Abhi goes to Ranjan to seek an extension. She promises that she will somehow raise the money and complete the project. He says, nothing doing. But, he has a suggestion. He hints, actually more than hints, that if a good-looking girl like Abhi wanted to do him some favors, he would be open to considering extending the time. It's slowly dawns on Abhi what he is trying to suggest. When that happens, she lunges at him in rage and indignation. Ranjan is quite shaken by the ferocity of her response. she tells him if he ever talks in this manneragain, she will kill him. The scene is, like all other scenes in the office, silently witnessed by Mr. Krishnan, who watches without intervening.

Later, Mr. Krishnan approaches Tolkappian and tells him what it is Tolkappian's turn to be outraged. He heads straight to the drinking room where Ranjan is enjoying a glass (why can't they find a decent club for someone of Ranjan's wealth to drink at?), a dingy and rundown place. Tolkappian has a stick with him. He beats up Ranjan to a pulp.

Rajamani Madam visits Ranjan in the hospital. He tells her it is a very sad state of affairs. When she could not come up with the money, he says, Abhi approached him and made a proposal. If he could give her a time extension, she could give him a good time (I summarize). When he refused, Abhi evidently complained to Tolkappian, who then did what he did. Rajamani Madam buys all this. She convenes a meeting in the office. Abhi knows nothing about Tolkappian beating up Ranjan. When Rajamani Madam points to Ranjan's injuries and says Tolkappian has done this, Abhi turns on Tolkappian and asks him to leave. She tries her best to explain that she had nothing to do with Ranjan's injury. Rajamani Madam says she's shocked by Abhi's behavior, which is not what she expected offer decent young lady. Abhi is too modest to reveal that Ranjan was the one who made such a proposal.

The bottom line is that the money is notfound. At the board meeting, once again, Abhi appeals for more time. Runs and says none of that is necessary, because he is also a shareholder now. Abhi asks how that is possible. Meanwhile, Usha arrives. Ranjan claims that Usha has given him her shares. Usha denies this. Then she discovers that the blank stamp paper she had signed for getting money from Ranjan ( by the way, this is supposed to be about a business, and it is surprising how many people keep signing blank sheets of paper!) Has been filled in by Ranjan. She has no words. But that is still only 25%. Then Ranjan pulls the next rabbit out of the hat. he has Viswanatha sir's shares also. That respectable gentleman has borrowed money from Ranjan to pay for his wife's treatment. He never told Abhi anything about. She is devastated by this betrayal. At this point, Tolkappian enters. I will settle your hash, he says it proceeds towards Ranjan. Hold it, hold it says Ranjan. I have your shares too! it is now Tolkappian 's turn to be surprised, as Ranjan pulls out a stamp paper with his signature! It is over. Ranjan owns 75% of the company.

Later it comes Tolkappian. He had signed a blank stamp paper because Gunga wanted surety. He confronts Gunga and gives her a slap. He tells her that she has been perfidious. She angrily responds that it is Abhi's fault, because she could not keep away from Tolkappian, despite the promise she made to Ganga. He is surprised. What promise? Ganga tells him about the time up he came to see him when he was unconscious. She had driven her away. Tolkappian is absolutely furious. He tells her that his friendship for Abhi is far more important than any loud he might have felt for the Gangster. He turns and leaves, leaving the Gangster weeping.

Ganga tries to figure out what went wrong. She is sitting at the beach. Ranjan finds her there, manages to talk her into coming back home. He drives her to her home, where her family is anxiously waiting. Meanwhile, her mother and sister have gone to Tolkappian's house to ask if he has seen her. He is not home. later, when he returns, Shanti tells him. He tries to call Ganga's cell phone. It has no response. Then he tries her home. She has just returned with Ranjan. She refuses to speak to him, and Ranjan, playing the wise and decent intermediary, tells him that everybody there is in an agitated frame of mind, and it would be better to speak tomorrow.

also, at Abhi constructions, Ranjan declares that he has transferred his share in the company through aditya of Aditya Builders. The great man himself arrives to take over. And in doing so, he has some choice insults for Abhi and Tolkappian for their incompetence. Later that evening, Abhi and Tolkappian make a last visit to their site, upon which they had raised so much hope. But there too, Aditya arrives, insults them, and kicks them out. But not before Abhi has made a declaration that she will rise and demolish Adi.

After the disaster at Abhi Constructions, Abhi and Tolkappian are finally reconciled. They discover how others have managed to push them apart. They are pleasantly surprised to find that their friendship has survived these rockings. Tolkappian takes Abhi back to her home. There, everyone is waiting; Krishnan Sir has conveyed the bad news. A creditor arrives, demanding money. Abhi pitches her old line-- give me some more time. He makes a scene. Mano, who was watching all this, silently goes back to his room, and comes out with a wad of cash, and asks the creditor to take the money, consider his account settled,and get lost. The creditor counts the cash, and goes away. Tolkappian asks Mano why he was so rude to the gentleman. After all, he was only asking what was due to him. Mano now insults Tolkappian, saying he has no need to listen to advice from someone so incompetent. When Abhi tries to intervene, he burns on her, saying she does not know how to run a business. she should've realized she was a lady and not have tried to enter a man's world. Then he turns and walks in.

On the Arjun front, the prosecution has assembled a large number or false witnesses. The case against Arjun looks pretty bleak. At this point, Rekha insists on taking the witness stand, and states that Arjun could not have been the one who committed the murder, because he walls with her. What was he doing with their? Asks the judge. a simple, "we were talking"would have sufficed. But no... she has to describe that they were sleeping together! Bravo, Sun TV. Upon this, the judge dismisses the charges against Arjun, but sends him home.
Easwaran and Kanchana, and Adi, go to Minister's house to thank Rekha. There they find Minister holding a gun to his head. His daughter his daughter his daughter has brought such a disgrace upon the family by revealing what he did at the court. Who ever would marry her now? Kanchana has a ready answer. Her son would, of course. Arjun would break off his engagement, and marry Rekha, who had saved his life. Easwaran is deeply suspicious of this whole deal, but as usual, keeps quiet. Rekha and Ministerare delighted.


surprisingly little has happened.

Selvi decides to give away all her property to her adopted brothers and sisters. despite their protests, she goes ahead and does so.

Malar engineers a new scheme. She has a servant woman steal Andavarlingam's cell phone. She uses that to call her own cell phone, and leave dirty messages. She then shows these messages to Amar, raising his blood pressure. Amar goesd straight to his father's house and confronts him with making a pass at Malar. The father tries to deny it, but some does not accept. The rift is widened.

Some girl called Rudra turns out to be Nallatambi's boss. They seem to be some sort of criminal group. She asks why he is stuck at level 1 of their plan. He explains that GJ has got him into trouble. Once the inquiry is over he can proceed. GJ refuses to cooperate. He says he wants nothing more to do with Nallatambi. Nallatambi then has to give him a demonstration of his powers. He has his men watching GJ, and is even able to make him a prisoner in a room within his own house. GJ surrenders, saying he will cooperate.

Sentamilarasi decides to go back to Bombay, now that her daughter's surgery has gone off well. Her husband will complete the inquiry before returning.