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May 30

ANANDAM   30th May            
The new AC questions Shyam about his sister  and Sreenivasan. Shyam explains that Ramya his younger sister is married to Sreenivasan's son and as such is a relative and moreover he usually gives advice when it is asked for. Shyam adds that he is responsible for her disappearance as he offended her in the building case. Shyam comes to RK's house and narrates his meeting with the new Ac. Shanthi says she is the main culprit for this problem of bringing down the bungalow. She had vowed that the family should be back in their house for her to united with Kartik. Abhirami wanted to thwart that. RK says for Shyam's sake Abhirami should be found. Shyam says he cannot think of getting married in this frame of mind but for Laxman's sake the marriage should take place. At the nursing home Ramya has to be coaxed and cajoled by her mother in law to take nourishment  her sister;s disappearance is the only though she has Mother in law says Abhrami is a bold person she will come back. AC visits Sreenivasan and asks him about his opinion of Abhirami. Sreenivasan tells him as a business man had helped her with advice when asked for he is her well wisher. She is a person who wants everything to be done in a way she wants. She is good to people she likes and bad to people she detests. Shyam;s going back on his signature has caused this problem and the promoter has taken up the case.

MAlARGAL        episode   158          
Kadir tells Ramesh Vidya is a good girl. He should take her home and lead a happy life. Pandi and Ashok are  wicked people. He should not heed anything said by them. Ramesh had told him his money will be given back after the ceremonies are over. Uncle calls Kadir upstairs. Kadir tells him he is getting back his money  what is the problem now uncle reminds him the ruin of Gounder is their aim and now. Kadir is asking him to have a happy life with Vidya   kadir tells his master plan is to spread a scandal after Vidya is back in her in laws place so that they will banish her and Gounder will suffer every day of his life. Ramesh comes to Vidya's house. Pandian comes into the house and starts beating his wife. People around try in vain to stop him village elders also tell him that it was on humanitarian grounds she was brought to Gounder's house. Pandi says Gounder should have brought her to his house. Gounder is hastily called from the fields Pandi's wife tells everyone the truth of her husband's plan to spoil Vidya's life. Pandi takes away the children. Gounder and Ramesh have a talk. Ramesh apologises for his silence when his uncle  threw him out of their house. Gounder asks him about the threat of divorce. Ramesh says it will not happen  Ramesh's uncle Aunt and Darshini are planning their strategy they want to find out Ramesh's activities. Darshini expresses doubt that he  visits Vidya's place.

The chase is on Aditya calls his asistant giving the no of the van and Kartik travel agency and find out. He calls the minister and conveys the news of Anu's abduction and other details. He passes on the message to the police. At Mano's  garage they found out he had taken money advance for his moher's illness. They are asked to report to their number. At Kartik travel agency are asked to trace their vehicle and report. Minister along with Aditya enter Abhi's house and threatenedthem for the abduction of Anu. Arti is abused of planning this. The mother cries saying they have  no hand in this. Anandi comes and asks Aditya to stop this nonsense. She tells them it is Anu who is running after their brother. Arti and their and Mother everybody had warned her to leave their Mano alone. Anandi says she being a journalist will write in the papers about the minister and his unlawful harassment of innocent citizens. Aditya is shocked by  the news of his sister's love affair. He says if what they say is true they   will be spared you if not  their whole family will be annihilated.

 Amar enters with his friend. Tamarai picks up the phone and Puja is shouting Anni Anni but the connection is cut by Amar. She confronts him why he is doing this to her. He ran after her and married her. She tells him she is carrying his baby and he should not harm it. True to his fashion he shouts one moment and talks sweetly the next moment. Tamarai finds a fish had fallen out of the fish bowl she puts the fish back in the bowl. He tells Puja nobodyin her family will believe her if she tells them. Amar is a bad guy. Dilipan asks his friend to prepare a document about the cell phone company making Andavan the sleeping partner. Andavan is ready to sign and says this calls for a celeberation. Sevi;s mother asks her if she got the contract. Selvi says there is a snag  she needs somebody as guarantor and two crore rupees. Mother wants to visit all the temples in Singapore. Gj calls from India asks how they were doing. Asks if she got the contract. Selvi tells him about the snag. He says I told you so you will not get it those are all false promises. She tells him she needs his  encouragement  and not his   cynicism. Dilipan comes she says she wants to return to India. Dilipan says he heard the phone conversation. He knew her as a bold and how is it she is ready to accept defeat. He says he has a friend who will stand surety. Selvi and Dilipan meet Muru who says he will talk with the person and stand surety for her. He is one of Dilipan's close friends. In fact he calls him Piriyan before correcting himself in Selvi's presence. Puja is seen in a roadside pavement in a semi conscious condition. Ratnam sits  by her and slowly tries to hold her she wake up and stares at him.

Badri calms Chitra down, saying that in her own interest, she needs to be off the scene right now. At home there is a major dust up. Bharani protests to Ranga, Swati says Chitra was wrong, Bharani slaps Swati, Ranga slaps Bharani, whereupon he cuts off all relations with her...Meanwhile at Uma's place, Muthukumar and Mohini are celebrating Chitra's suspension. Mohini says, why don't you immediately appoint me in her place? Uma asks what is the hurry. Mohini reveals that her in laws think she is already working there. Why? Because I told them you were going to get me a job there long ago, and when you weren't able to, I couldn't say that to them without losing face. So I kept up the fiction, and in order to show that I had an income, I used my father-in-law's money. When he asked for it, I took money from dad (Miuthukumar) to return it, but that money got stolen...Uma, who doesn't know any of this, is taken aback, but Muthukumar quickly steps in and says this is all not true. She doesn't make a big deal of it, and asks Mohini to go home. Ranga and Kala are talking in the office. Everyone has left. Ranga says she is hurt by Uma's words about her conspiring with Chitra. Kala tries to calm her down, says why don't you go spend some time with Badri (?) and gives her a meaning look. Ranga says he himself has abandoned me, why should I go there?

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May 29

ANANDAM         29th May               
Raamya is in hospital having labour pains. Shyam is worried about Ramya and Abhirami. RK Rajeshwari and Shanthi arrive. Shyam feels reassured by their presence. He goes  to the memorial for the  dead children in an accident. He lights a candle and asks God's pardon for that misdeed and prays for Abhirami and Ramya. The care taker blesses him that his prayers. Murthy leaves for work. Bhasker also says he wants to go back will be answered. Govindan recognises Shyam and wonders what connection is there with this  children's memorial. Raj Goutam comes to the hospital and signs the form. His mother calls Sreenivasan and informs him Ramya is in hospital he shouts at her that he is at the police station  waiting for the police cheif. Shyam gets a call that Ramya delivered a baby girl. The police head quarters receives a callfrom one of the policemen on duty of a car at the beach with no occupants is standing there and it looks suspiscious police vans with all the technical personnel arrive take finger prints and open the car and take charge of the  hand bag licence and other articles in it. At the police station a new officer called Encounter Dorai meets the cheif and takes charge. Shanthi opens the TV and finds Abhirami's car being searched by the police. She calls Shyam and informs him.

MALARGAL          157                 
Amala's father asks her why she sacked all the staff. He reminds her they both have no secrets. Why did she not ask him permission. She has acted in haste. She tells him she loves. Shiva. He starts to shout at her and all of a sudden mellows down and says he is agreeable   thus making her happy   later he calls  and asks Kumarappan and to sack Shiva but nobody should know that he gave the orders. Pandi's friend comes with the lawyer and finds him in a mess. He shouts at them that his brother has turned against him and he cannot be rescued. The lawyer asks him to go meet Ashok and make him change his stand in the case  Pandi says he has driven his wife and children away. The neighbour gives the news that Gounder took pity on them and took them to his house. Pandi boils with rage and asks his friend to bring the children but his wife should never return as she spent the night at his enemy's house. As she was  leaving Gounder's house the messenger conveys Pandi's condition             murthy leaves for work. Bhasker also says he wants to go back to his work as his name has been cleared. Gounder asks him not to go as those people are in no mood to see him or his family. Instead he  asks him to go to Mallika's house and bring her back. He  made a mistake not to invite her into the house when she came on her own. He so has to go and bring her--home. He tells Bhasker how miserable they feel about Vidya. Mallika 's people must be feeling bad  too. He should bring her back. Ramesh comes to kadir's house. He says he came to see Vidya kadir asks if they have accepted her. He says kadir being his only friend he has come to ask him what was the enmity   for those people to murder his father. He asks Kadir why he never told him about Vidya  and Ashok. Kadir tells him the story of Gounder refusing to give Tulasi in marriage to Pandian. That is the cause for the enmity--Ramesh tells Kadir that he is a very possessive type of person. Asks him to tell the truth.

Thols comes to Abhi's house and gives the information of Anu being in hospital and the engagement ceremony is to take place the next day. He consoles Abhi's mother that Mano will not do anything  lrash. At the hospital Minister Rekha and Aditya discuss plans for the engagements kanchana is asked to go home to make arrangements for the engagement usha and Grandma stay behind to care for Anu. Rajesh and his group plan their strategy. Usha is made to  go to the cheif doctor's room a little later. Grand ma is called to  answer a tele phone call by Rajesh and his friend dressed as ward boys. Then both of the come and make Anu sit in a wheel chair and rush her out. The wheel chair brushes against Grandma as she is returning from that fake call. Later the ward boys drop the case papers and Aditya who happens to be there picks up and gives it to them. Thy all go down by the same lift. Aditya coming out of the lift spots Mano rushing out and chases him. He sees them put Anu in a van and speed out. Aditya gives chase.

SELVI             episode    346       
Dilipan had come to tell them about the business meet. As he was leaving he felt something under his socked feet and finds a lady's chain with a pendent. It was Puja's chain. Andavan  concocted a storythat kathan wears heavier stuff than ladies. After Dilipan leaves Andavan slaps hm hard saying leaving clues like this their plans wil fail. Amar meets his friend Ratnam to chalk out Puja's murder two crore rupees offer is too tempting and Ratnam agrees though he was shocked that Amar is so cruel to plan his wife's murder. Puja  becomes conscious    sees a telephone and calls home. Her father answers but puja with great difficulty says her name he slams the phone and  leaves it hanging. Tamarai sets it right. The phone rings again. Tamarai picks it but is not able to hear clearly. Amar and. Ratnam enter the house. Selvi meets the person concerned. He appreciates her business acumen and her  presentation. He mentions two and a half crores needed for the business. She says she will try and find a solution. The partner says the contract is hers and she should do the needful. Selvi thanks him profusely.

Scene opens with new Vijay (Uma's son) (in place of the old actor, who is currently held by police in the Vaishnavi suicide case - Ed.) looking over the newspaper. He sees the news about Chitra being projected as the next MD, and wants to make sure his mother doesn't see the paper when she heads to the office. But Mohini arrives, and makes him show the paper. Their father Muthukumar also eggs Uma on to make a stink. Vijay advises against it, saying friendship is more important, and she should keep things in perspective, because it was Ranga who started the company, gave Uma ajob, etc. But it falls on deaf ears. When Uma reaches office, she finds Ranganayaki yelling and screaming at Chitra for giving all kinds of nonsense to the newspaper. Uma claims this is all a farce, that Ranganayaki, after earlier rejecting Uma's plea to induct Mohini into Kadambam, saying no relatives, brought in her own daughter in law, for solving some domestic problems. This must have been her plan all along. Enter Badri, who says the entire staff is protesting this appointment of Chitra. Badri says Ranga should go and address the staff. The staff are saying that they want Ranga to continue as MD, if Chitra is appointed, they will all quit. Instead of the simple solution, which is to say that the news is false, the Tamil serial way of handling it is for Ranganayaki to say that the staff should all disperse, otherwise she will quit coming to work from tomorrow. Going back inside, there is a big argument with Uma, and Ranga starts to say Uma is blowing things out of proportion, and that she too knows about Uma and Muthukumar's conspiracies, etc. But Kala, who is also present, cuts her short, and prescribes a solution. Suspend Chitra for a month immediately, she says. Chitra says if you do that I'll go to court. Everyone shocked. Badri says Chitra, I need to talk to you alone.

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May 26

Shyam runs about to all his friends and family trying to locate Abirami. No one knows anything. He even goes to Sreenivasan, where there is an argument, him accusing Sreenivasan to leading his sister into wrong ways. Sreenivasan is indignant. The promoter also threatens him with dire consequences if Abirami is not found. Shyam talks to Shanti, who promises to look for Abirami. At RK's house, everyone is surprised when RK expresses sympanthy for Abirami.

Valli's husband beats her up and throws her an the two young children out of his house. The entire neighborhood is watching but refuses to help her, afraid of his wrath. Gounder comes along, and seeing her, is unable to walk away. He asks her to come to his house and go back in the morning. How can she and the two children spend the night on the street? But when they see her, Gounder's family is cold. Are all the problems we've had with Pandi (Valli's husband) not enough? they ask. Gounder is adamant. I could not leave a defenseless woman stranded in the street, he says.

Ani is rushed to hospital. Tolkappiyan phones Usha, and discovers she is at the hospital with Anu. Mano and friends find Anu has not turned up. They find out she has been admitted to hospital, and go there. Aditya spots them.

Tamarai comes to see Andavan and Amar. She regrets what Puja has done. Puja watches from upstairs, helpless. After Tamarai leaves, Amar spots Puja and rushes up to subue her. Selvi and mother are in Singapore. Mother is all excited by the tall buildings, clean streets, etc. and makes plans to bring the entire family and settle there. They run into Dileepan there. He is staying in the same hotel. Later, Andavan and Karthan are relaxing in Andavan's guest house. Amar brings Puja and drags her upstairs. She resists. He succeeds in locking her upstairs, but her chain falls on the floor. Dileepan, whom Andavan has invited to stay in the guest house, comes over. He declines to stay, citing that he has an old friend he always stays with in Singapore. Andavan reluctantly agrees. But as Dileepan gets up, he steps on the Puja's chain. He picks it up and examines it. Andavan and Karthan are shocked.

At Senthils house, his father attempts an experiment. He has his wife call Mohini's mother's number. He tracks Mohini in another room, pretending to talk like UMA. His suspicions are confirmed. He tells his wife, who says, don't say anything. I need to go to the bank and see how much money is left, because I left all the money in Mohini's charge, he says. Even if you find something missing, let us not antagonize her, says his wife.
Big news conference following Kadambam's choice by the foreign company (sounds like Wal-Mart, but it could be Wal-Mark). Ranga shares all credit with Uma and Kala. Uma chimes in that they are so close that it could even be said that she and Kala are also MD's. Deepa and Badri note this claim. Both are modest. Badri says he is married, but will not reveal who his wife is. Deepa is wearing a face mask, and refuses to take it off, saying she would like to be thought of as just a worker. Ranga graciously says her family has 4000 members, i.e., all those working at Kadambam Food Products. Chitra tries to project herself, but the news guys say she can save it for when theinterview the family atg home. aT HOME, EVERY family member claims he or she is responsible for Ranga's success. Nicely done. Chitra says her announcement of becoming MD of Kadambam will be announced next month.
The real denoument of the episode comes the next morning, when Senthil's dad picks up the newspaper, and reads the report about Kadambam's new deal. He notes that there is no mention of Mohini. When she sees him talking to Senthil's mother, she calls out from inside, asking whether there is something about Kadambam int he paper. See, she doesn't even know, and she claims to be working at Kadambam, says Senthil's dad. The leave her to read the paper. She is devastated by what she reads, because there is an item about Chitra being appointed MD shortly.

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May 25

ANANDAM (May 25)
Abhirami comes to meet Sreenivasan. She says she got a call from the Police Commissioner. The promoters had complained, and they had called me for an inquiry. Says it is my fault for having trusted you. Sreenivasan is indignant, but politely. He says we did this to scuttle Shanti. Who expected your brother to ruin everything? She says that's not important, why not talk about what to do now. He says but for the fact he is your brother, I would have broken his bones. Maha disagreement.

Her servant woman looks for Abhirami all over the house. Nowhere to be found. Asks Shyam. He doesn't know either. Commissioner waiting for Abhirami. She doesn't show up. They call her home. Servant woman says she's not there. The policeman gets her brother's number and calls. Shyam says he doesn't know either. Says he will ask her to get in touch with them if she calls. But he wonders where she has gone.

Malliga speaks rudely to Gounder. He is shocked. But instead of scolding her, he says you should think over what you said. Her mother, though is happy she has berated him. Gounder runs into Malliga's father, who expresses regret. Gounder and Malliga's father sit down at a restaurant. Gounder says he had come to fetch her home, but she had harsh words for him. Father apologizes on her behalf again. Her father guardedly tells Gounder her mind has been poisoned. He says to Gounder that the solution would be to set up Malliga and her husband in a separate establishment. Gounder is shaken, but hears him out.
Shanmugam's wife is talking to her aunt (stepmother?) about getting Shanmugam married to another girl, because she doesn't herself have children. Chalk up one more for SunTV's bigamy campaign. Her aunt says she can suggest a girl.
At Valli's house, her husband is drinking. She talks to her husband about her brother in law being in jail, about his wayward ways. He gets mad and begins to beat her, and when the children protest, them also.

Police inspector says not to go directly to Abi Construction, after Upendra escapes, dropping the Abi Construction cover. Instead, watch their staff, including Tolkappiyan, secretly.

Mano drives up to a spot under the bridge, where Anu has asked him to come immediately. He talks about the registrar's office, asks her not to worry. She says, "Let's not get married". She says she has thought it over. If we marry, neither of our families will be happy. Kanchana will be devastated, and if something happens to her, my family will be ruined.
He says she is like all rich girls. I am giving up my entire family for our love, he says. He runs towards the nearby rail track. She follow him along the tracks. He lies down on the tracks. She tries to move him. Then she wakes up. It was a dream. She remembers her grandmother's words. And she remembers Mano. She is torn. She resolves her dilemma by taking a cold shower, with clothes on. The inner meaning of all this is not clear. Late night, Mano has not yet come home. Mother says we need to call Abhi. Her two other daughters try to dissuade her, to stop a while. Abhi is reading some office papers when the phone rings. It is her mother, weeping. Mother tells all. Abhi shocked. Abhi says why didn't you tell me anything so far? Mother blames the other daughters. Please come right away, she says, and rings off.

At Anu's place,. grandmother woken up by phone. Calls out to Anu. Finds her unconscious, sitting under the shower. Adi and Kanchana come running.

Shanti is talking to Tolkapiyan. He says Bhasker is working in our office. She says this is what I thought would happen. Abhi is forgetting all the old stuff, she says. He says Abhi is inviting problems. She says Bhasker may have changed. He says nonsense, he would not change. Why do you get in the middle, Shanti says. Didn't Abhi consult you? says Shanti. He says, let me call Abhi and clarify. The phone rings. It is Abhi. She says what her mother said. He reveals he knows what happened. He says Manohar was not ready to listen. He says I tried. But, he says, Mano respects you. I didn't think he was going to run away from home. She says she is rushing to Madras. He says I''ll handle Mano's affair, please handle things there. He says ok. Look after everyone in my home, she says. He assures her. She says Adi will go to any extent.

Andavan and Amar show Tamarai a signed stamp paper and letter left behind in the hospital room, but Puja had disappeared. The letter says I loved someone and had the child through him. You find someone you love and live with her. I am going off with this lover. Amar cries buckets. Says Puja's lover must be the one who introduced her to drugs. Tamarai is of course overcome with tears. She says Puja has surpassed GJ in shamelessness. Amar says let no one know about this. Then Amar faints. Andavan creates some glorious drama, drawing maximum sympathy from Tamarai.

GJ is sitting with Govindan. Govindan, who is taunting him gently about what he was and what he has become. He says a wife should never be a boss, referring to Selvi's business. He says, don't let this progress. Selvi comes down the stairs. Govind leaves. She tells him about her selection for interview in Singapore. They have sent two air tickets. Will you come? GJ says no. Finally he says I have cases pending against me, they won't give me a visa. He is firm. He also dissuades her. Mother says she will come, forget calling him. He says I am telling even Selvi not to go. Who will look after the baby, says GJ. We'll take the baby along, she says. Selvi is conflicted. Mother is clear. We will go. Don't you worry. Govind is listening to everything standing outside.

At Andavan's place, Dileepan is visiting. I hear you are going to Singapore, says Andavan. Dileepan says there is a mobile conference. We should all go, says Andavan. Dileepan tries to dissuade him. But Andavan says I will be there to receive you. Dileepan has no choice but to accept. Andavan and Amar are discussing afterwards. Says we need to watch Dileepan. Amar says there are a million things to do here, including Puja. We should take Puja along to Singapore by getting a doctor's certificate, says Andavan. In this battle against Selvi, I am going to sacrifice my daughter in law, he says.

Puja has been bound hand and foot, listens to this conversation.

Karthik discovers the old photograph. Wonders who the child is. Takes the jewelry and the photo. Chitra is waiting outside. Karthik asks if Chitra knows anything about this photo. She is not intereseted, now that she has the jewelry. Karthik goes to Ranga's room. Asks Ranga who the child in the photo is. Why have you hidden it? Bharani, Chitra and Karthik demand. Ranga is weeping. Deepa watches. Grandfather says the child is dead. Swati wants to know also. Bharani says, let us find out. Deepa consoles her. But also asks Ranga who the baby is. Why, it is not unusual for babies to die, Deepa soothes her. Ranga says the child did not die. I gave it up. She reveals that it was a illegitimate child, and her father has persuaded her to give it up. Flashback: Father says he will allow her to look up the picture once a year. If the photo is not to be destroyed, you must listen to me, says ther father. I'll listen to anything you say, says Ranga. Each year, on the day the child died, I'll show you this photo, he says. Back to the present. Deepa says, think of me as the child you had to give up. Don't cry.

Senthil is very happy. Thanks father for apologizing to Mohini. She too is very happy. They are leaving for work. Father in law is still suspicious. After Mohini and husband leave, he tells his wife Mohini is cheating them, still lying. She asks why? He has a piece of paper with him. It is Mohini's phone bill, for the phone she has claimed is her mother's. It is actually in Mohini's name.

Deepa tries to inquire from Kala about Ranga's lost child. Kala insists it is a female, which leads Deepa to believe it is male. THen she asks how many children Kala has. One, Akash, he's in America, says Kala. Deepa can see she's hiding something.

May 24

Aditya is all upset about Anu's tantrum. Kishore is her future husband and my friend, how can she treat him like this? He storms to her room to scold her, but meanwhile, Kishore comes back, with 10 Buddha figures to replace the one he accidentally broke. She is embarrassed to be in this spot, in front of her mother, grandmother, brother, etc. In Mano's house, Mano's boss arrives and asks for Mano. When told he is not home, he says Mano had asked for 10000 rupees as his mother was sick. His sister is shocked but does not reveal it to the boss. After he leaves, sister and mother worry about what is going on. Anu is lying awake still trying to piece together the Buddha statue that broke. Her grandmother softly enters the room, and tells her she knows of her involvement with Mano, and says she should forget him, because there is a lot at stake, particularly family harmony. She seems convinced.
Upendra is leaving with his passport, etc., when he runs smack into a police barrier, where the cops are holding up a station wagon containings thugs hunting for Upendra! When the cops see Upendra, they forget about the station wagon and chase him. He has escaped, but dropped an envelope with Abi Constructions name on it...

Puja escapes from the hospital and finds herself in some kind of a deserted orchard (funny how they can find deserted hospitals, orchards, etc. in the middle of Madras, but this is serial-land, remember). An impassioned chase as Amar spots her, then drags her by her hair (Duhshasana is never far away) to his father's place. There, a mini-drama is staged, where the Andavan pleads for him not to harm her, he shoves Andavan aside and yells at him, all of which gives Puja the impression that Andavan is on her side. Then he says he will let them both go only if Puja signs some papers (not clear what they are). Andavan persuades Puja to do so, and once she has done so, father and son exchange high-fives, revealing to Puja the depth of the old man's perfidy. She is horrified. Andavan's acting is real, as is Amar's. Excellent stuff. Leaving her behind with Karthan as a guard, they go to the office to meet Tamarai, and tell her about her drug habit and show her these papers (presumably some kind of confession).

Deepa is in Manohar's house. Sivadhanu turns and greets her. It is revealed that he is working on her behalf, because he has seen how Manohar has ruined her family. He says Manohar's mother was a good woman who was killed by his father's activities and son's character flaws. Sivadhanu was devoted to her as a servant, and still sought her forgiveness for what he was doing to Manohar. Deepa is determined that he should be driven mad, a goal Sivadhanu endorses, for all the rotten things he has done. She gives him the photo of another friend of Manohar, Ravindran, who was also involved in her molestation. Sivadhanu asks how her sister was, and Deepa replies that she was no longer living, and adds that because of her, her sister had died.
Solaiappan brings another cab company guy to his office, and briefs him on what should be done. They go to Bharani, and the other guy says he immediately needs eight cabs for long term contracts. Solaiappan asks Bharani for a cut, and Bharani readily agrees.
At Ranga's home, Chitra has induced Karthik to rob grandfather's bureau to abstract the jewelry. Just a bet to test his daring, she says. Deepa observes some hanky panky. Meanwhile, Karthik, after many tries, opens the bureau, and after stashing away some bundles of currency for his own use, finds an old photograph of Ranga with an infant child, the same one her father fished out to show her on that fateful anniversary a few episodes back...

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

May 23

Amar gives a cock-and-bull story to Tamarai about Puja being a drug addict; she swallows it without question. He has injected some drug into her, and the doctor also confirms it is there. Tamarai observes that Puja never had this habit, but is convinced and upset. Puja is unable to say anything. After Tamarai leaves, Amar gives her another shot. Then he goes home to tell his father of all the problems. His father says he was wrong to leave Puja alone. Go and get her back to the house, and we can control her, he says. Ranjini comes to see Tamarai, and learns of what has happened. She realizes this is Amar's doing, and is remorseful of where her own hates have led her sister. Amar goes back to the hospital, to find that the patient has left the room. He conducts an energetic search of the hospital, which seems totally empty (!).

Ranga tells Manohar that Deepa is blind, and that she has known her for more than 15 years. Then she lets Deepa know she will never betray her secret, and also that she will not force it out of her, she can tell her in her own time, when she feels comfortable. Deepa is walking towards some house. She takes a long detour. Kailas sees her and follows at a distance. But he is caught by Poogandi and detained, and loses Deepa's trail. Finally she is shown entering Manohar's house, and approaching Sivadhanu the servant, who is facing away.
Bharani's wife Chitra tells him she will engage someone to rob grandpa's almirah to grab a piece of jewelry, which would pay off their debts.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May 22

News Flash: Suicide Spree
Just heard that the actress who acts as Puja in Selvi committed suicided. Also, Shraddha Vishwanath, who acts in Kolangal, committed suicide a few days back. This comes a month after Vaishnavi (Neelaveni in Manaivi, also now in Malargal) also committed suicide. In Vaishnavi's case, the screen plot spilled over into reality. Apparently, she fell in love with Dev Anand (who acted as Charukesh in Manaivi, and is acting as Vijay, Uma's son, in Penn). As in Manaivi, Dev Anand was already married, and it is alleged she took her own life because the romance could go nowhere. The police have detained Dev Anand. (See full report).


Whole episode devoted to Amar and Puja.
They are at a shopping mall, when Puja's abductor blackmails Amar, via his cell phone. Pay up now or I expose you to your wife. Meet me at the parking lot in the basement. Amar goes there, and pays up. Then he goes up. Meanwhile, Puja, looking for Amar, comes down to the basement. She sees the abductor, corners him, and asks him to tell her the truth, or else, she says, my husband will kill you. He pleads that the truth will only hurt her. She finally grabs a steel bar and chokes him, threatening to kill him herself if he doesn't tell her. He does. She doesn't believe him. Well, I can make him say it for you, says the abductor. Sure enough, Amar comes down, and the abductor asks him for more money. In the ensuing argument, Amar himself reveals everything about his role in the abduction and rape. Puja is listening behind another post. She shows herself, slaps Amar left and right. Amar overpowers her, and takes her to some dingy room where he locks her up. She lunges at him, but he has a syringe ready, pokes her in the stomach. He says he doesn't care about the baby, which would have been hurt by the injection in the stomach. It was just something he had intended for her arm. Anyway, she is in deep sleep next, and in a hospital. Amar calls Tamarai, saying Puja fainted. Pretends to be much upset. Tamarai comes, Puja opens her eyes...

At the function, Manohar gets all confused, and in the middle of Swati's song, overcome by memories of Anjali singing the same song at his college function, runs to the stage, shouting, Anjali, Anjali. He is finally subdued and sent home. Kailash is talking to Kala, asking about Manohar and Anajali and Deepa. She advises him not to get interested in Deepa, as she has categorically ruled out marriage. Kala leaves, and Poogudi is coming down the street toward Kailash. Next day, Manohar and Ranga's doctor both come to her home. Deepa comes to pick up Ranga, but Ranga says, just wait, I have to say thanks to Manohar and the other doctor. Ranga watches as Deepa is watching anxiously from the outside. Manohar asks where Swati learned the song. From Deepa, she says. He says, you see, I already knew that song...

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May 19

ANANDAM  19th May            
Shyam comes to meet   Ramya. Welcoming her brother She enquires about his business. She then tells him she is upset with his actions. The sister who is everything for them both has been placed in a difficult position by his action. She is facing grave charges all because he changed his mind. Shyam intervenes that Akka is adamant amd says the same thing. Her intentions are the harassment of the RK family. Ramya tells him she also  tried to dissuade her from this action. Ramya asks her brother why he signed in the first place. He could have clarified from her ,Uma or even Laxman. Instead his  action places the sister he loves in a bad situation. Shyam goes to Laxman who is selecting wedding card for his daughter's wedding. Shyam asks the wedding to be postponed to a later date as his sister  is angry and does not respond to him  or    talk with him. Laxman says  it can be postponed but his disease will not wait for that. Shanthi and Indu go shopping     for Kartik. They choose a fullsleeve pullpver and a muffler. The arrested      A C is brought to the magistrate  court. His wife and son are waiting with tears in their eyes. He comes and hugs is son and consoles his wife that these difficulties will pass. He asks her to go to Sreenivasn whom he had helped many times to help  bring him out on bail. Kandu vaddi's assistants are searching for Govindan's wife who frequents this bazaar buyer. Just as they were leaving one person spots her and she also sees him

Mallika and father leave. Suderesan warns Bhasker that he is going to regret this action of his. Gounder and others come back. Hearing of the happenings scold Bhasker for not caring for his wife even after she comes home asks him to go and bring her back forthwith. He tries to explain his stand but is asked to stop that argument. Bhasker is upset and Karpagam advises him to go and get his wife. She tells him any wife would act that way if the husband is insulted. He tells him Mallika is a good girl. In the privacy of their room Gounder gives vent to his emotions the crises in meenakshi's sickness and the merciful recovery and Bhasker's release from lock up. God but it seems tGod has cursed him never to have a smile in his face. Gounder turns to her and says through every thing this great strength called Sivakami 's support has been with him. Sivakami wanted to ask him about faith  now that she knows some truths but she decides this is not the time and controls herself. Shanmukam calls and tells Gounder of the happenings in their family. He says he has faith in God and he will be blessed by Him. He also tells him Vidya iseems in mental turmoil so she should be looked after. Gounder goes to her and she tells himof her apprehension about Ashok who is arrested blurting ourt her earlier folly. She thinks it may doom her future with Ramesh. Gounder consoles her to  have faith in God.
Krishnan sir and Thols discuss Bhasker. Thols had heard the remarks of his old boss and pitied him for his bad luck. They both think he should get a job through Abhi's influence without his knowing it. Ganga overhears this conversatin calls Bhasker to meet her. He comes in his defiant mood Ganga asks him if he wouuld work in Abhi's office as he is supposed to be good at accounts. He saiys that will be embarrasing for her Ganga asks him point blank if he still thinks of her as his wife he answers in the affirmative. If Abhi asks will you work?  I will work says Bhasker.                  Uma and her husband come to the ViP's house. She is asked to sing  a a song. Her husband is taken to the bar in the house. A table full of drinks with snacks. He is left and the old man comes to Uma who is singing  with involvement old man tries to make advances towards her. She gets up screams at him and goes to her husband who is drunk. She escapes.  Upendra goes to the passport person pays the amountn. Going through it he finds the uS visa is not there. The man says it is a little difficult but will get it in a few dys.   Hoping he will get it Upendra walks out.
SELVI episode 340       
Bank Manager's presence with flowers and good wishes to Selvi makes GJ jealous. Dilipan calls Selvi to come and see him. She is congratulated and wishes for more success
 in the business over. Dilipan suggests a big opening for her  through the internet about private flight service and for that she may have to go to Singapore.  Selvi tells people talk and make comments about his help and involvement in her welfare. Dilipan says that all those comments should be ignored  doubting if  she could do all that Dilipan says he assures her one should think big to achieve something big.  Amar calls Malar  to his cabin and asks her to close the door he talks about how they were to have married even now she can have a good life.  Malar gives it back to him saying she will create hell if he did anythin. As she was rushing out  Puja enters seeing Malar rushing out how she came to be in his cabin.
  He tells her Tamrai had appointed her. Amar and Puja go shopping. He gets a call from onr of his tough guys demanding him to come out  blackmailing him.
 Swati's performance is a great success. The song chosen by Deepa makes Manohar, who is in the audience, all upset. Kailash, who is also there, watches him. Kailash has been
 clumsily courting Deepa for the past weeks, but she has not encouraged him, while not dissuading him firmly. Manohar remembers a night (in a medical college), when Anjali sang the same song,  and after which he pursued and molested her. Poongudi is upset at her mother's disappearance for the past two days. Mother reappears, hints that since Kailash is not interested, she needs to get her daughter  married to someone else fast, hence her visit to arrange for it.
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May 18

ANANDAM 18th May          
MD of the company vehemently says the land should be given to him or else his reputation as a leading firm is at stake. He  says it is because Sreenivasan's name he is patient. How did they give the signed document and now go back on it. Abhirami says Shyam her brother has been coerced by a party and she will set it right. Shanthi has visitors. RK, Rajeshwari and Karik go to her house straight from the temple. Thanking Shanthi profusely for her timely intervention and Shyam standing by them the crises is over. Kartik says had to return always admired her ability to deal with problems. Shanthi says along with this there is a little unsettling news for them. She hands Kartik the communication received. The army Head quarters had requested Kartik to report for duty. RK says it is the duty of Kartik to serve the country when called for. They are sad that when things are shaping out for them this means they have to wait still. Shaanthi she had waited seeing him and now will wait for him while he is away. Abhirami in a sad mood all alone in the house as Shyam enters she tells him she withsood the husband's betrayal, RK and family leaving her  ,and her friend Rohini 's stab in the back. She never even flinched but his act has broken her. Ramya an d Shyam are her life as she has no one else and how he could do this to her. She asks him why he signed the document. Shyam agrees he signed not knowing her ulterior motive of not allowing RK family inside the house. That act is morally wrong says ShyamShe asks him to go.   
Indu is sad her dad has to go. She  says India should win and he should come back and they should live together. Kartik asks her to study well and look after her mother. Kartik says he had always wanted to talk with Shanthi but it never happened. He wants to talk with her. Shanthi's eyes are filled with tears.

MALARGAL          episode 150     
Tulasi asks her mother in law to find a bride for her son. She asks her for one favour  that is to continue in this house. She wants to be in this so that she could spend her life seeing him  husband and she will not come in their way. Father in law hearing these plans calls Shanmukam. He gets wild with Tulasi flouting his advice to keep quiet on the doctor  visit. He reaches out to slap her for this mad plan. The in laws intervene and take her in. Saraswathi reminds Tulasi not go back on her word. At the police station Ashok tells them he loved Vidya but Vidya didnt love him. He wanted to stop the marriage so he gaverupees 50000 to the cook and rupeees twentyy thosand to the dumb man. They also agreed to the details given by Ashok. The Inspector who solved the case is commended by the cheif.       
Mallika comes up to the threshold of the house but refuses to go in until Bhasker or Gounder ask her to come in. Bhasker refuses saying that s she went on her own and spoke harshly to his father. Pleadinds by Vidya ,uncle Sunderesan dont move her. She decides to go back with her father.  

Ganga goes to the bank to deposit the cash due to the bank. She says as there is a difficulty she will give only two lakhs now but the three lakhs will be deposited within a week. The manager agrees and she takes the receipt and leaves. She hands Upendra three lakh. He is is profuse in his thanks to Ganga. Ganga tells him she has done something she had never done before and that he should return the money within a week. At Ganga's house a VIP known to the son in law is present and Uma is singing a devotional song. He praises her singing and says her talent should be brougt out and she should become a great singer. He would see to it. Everybody is pleased e has a request. He wants to learn music froma. He would send the car and she could teach him in his house. He enquires about Thirumalchari's family. Ganga's father says he has two daughters and a son. Mother reminds him of Ganga. He hurrieddly says yes he had a daughterwho died. Ganga standing outside hears this and she is sad and angry at her father    
At Easaran household Aditya brings a surprise gift for Anu. A diamond ring set in platinum. A very costly one worth several lakhs. When people comment on the expense he says for Anu's wedding sky is the limit. After they all leave Grand mother tells Anu to appreciate the love and affection of Aditya and the family have for hert. The family she belongsto is highly placed in society it is a unique family. She should remember it. Aditya meets the minister and a phone call confirms Abhi  constructions getting the contract. He goes wild with anger. Minister says once they get hold of Upendra they can put Abhi in prison and he will get the contract. Bhasker goes to his old office for a job. Asked them they had not called him. The Manager says his lack of patience and attitude towards people puts people off. When he had money he treated people concerned badly. Nobody wants you here he said. Thols who happens to be there hears this.          

SELVI                   episode  339      
Selvi asks Dilip pointedly this act of being friendly and ruining is for Maya only or every one. Dilipan becomes a bit defensive when he says that is the only way to deal with her who is out to destroy a good person like her. He will not marry her but reject her the last moment. Selviis shocked how a person like him has such a  beastly  idea. Selvi says GJ did the same thing with her and rejected her and married me and the result of that act we are suffering. Please dont make the same mistake. Dilipan seems to  approve of Selvi'sadvice. Selvi goes to the bank and meets Sathya there  as always he is very respectful to her. She tells him of her toidea start a busines and the difficulty in getting finance. Sathya takes her in and on his recommendation and surety she gets the loan. He finds a place for the office also. GJ comes to the bank and tells the manager to back out from the loan to Selvi as her standing is bad. Manager asks how come he doesn't want to help his wife in her endeavor to start somethig. Selvi asks GJ to come to the temple he refuses. At the function everybody is happy. The manager also comes with a bouquet. Gj seeing all this burning with anger and frustration. Refuses to partake the sweet. Niranjan is happy to see Selvi in the chair as Manager. Prabhanchan asks for the administrating person's job. Everybody but Gj is happy.

Uma informs Muthukumar that despite her giving her the tender, Kadambam has won the contract. Someone had put false figures. But not to worry, she says, the more money they make, the more we will get, because Mohini is going to sit on that MD's chair. Solaiappan is discussing with his associates how to get Bharani entrapped because he wants Kadambam Food Products in his hands. At Kadambam, Ranga is sitting, forlorn. Kala inquires why, she is needed downstairs, where the imorted equipment needed for the new contract has arrived. They need her direction. Ranga shares with Kala what Deepa saw of Uma and Muthukumar stealing the tender. Later, Badri managed to substitute a lower bid and thatg's how they won the contract. Kala advices her not to take any hasty step, because Uma is the only one of them who is with a man, they should not spoil her marriage.
At Dr. Manohar's place, more intriguing happenings. Manohar is unable to function. Doctor says he has high BP. He keeps talking about a dead girl named Anjali.

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May 17

ANANDAM                     May 17th        
Rajeshwari is discharged from hospital. Shyam goes and sees Laxman and he becomes emotional. Laxman says he is ready to face the end now that he has a son in law like him to share Uma's life. Shanthi receives a courrier message which seems to perturb her. Rajeshwari RK and Kartik go to the temple to thank God for being with them in this crisis. The MDof the building project is wild with his crew for signing this deal without proper scrutiny. He is worried about the reputation of their company if this matter leaks to the public. The cheif calls Abhirami and asks why she has not  come to meet their MD. Abhirami in her true fashion tells him off and says she will come when she wishes. She calls Sreenivasan only to find his cell phone off. She angrily comes to his house. Sreenivasan laments that a single arrest of an AC's arrest has paralysed him fearing somebody would call him for enquiey. Abhirami accuses him of leading her into this project which has turned this way. Sreenivasan accuses her of taking credit if things workout and blaming hm when things go wrong. They both go the meet the MD. MD says he took thiscontract because of Sreenivasanbeing in it and now his firm's name is tarnished. What is he proposing to do?
MALARGAL            Episode149                               
Gounder asks Sivakami what did Kadir tell her. Dont you know, asks his wife. She asks him what his problem is. Gounder says he is a bully and he is troubling us   Nurse informs  them to pay the amount and take the child home. Murthy leaves.  Gynocologist tests thekm both and anounces Tulasi cannot concieve  they should try adoption. Shanmukam aks about test tube baby. She says Tulasi's uterus cannot hold the baby  Shanmukam asks her to go to her parents house for ten ays after which he  would come and take her. Tulasi says Kamakshi the diety of kancheepuram is their only hope. She wanted to go to his home and promises to face any situation. Shanmukam reminds her of the taunts and abuse her mother would give. He agrees to take her but she should not divulge this visit to the specialist to any one. He would handle everything. They reach home. Saraswathi invites her son but ignores Tulasi. Shanmukam asks why this treatment isgiven. Saraswathi starts abusing Tulasi of insulting her by not coming back after the marriage. This time Shanmukam deals in a different wy. He shouts at her for the abuses Tulasi had been subjected to. Hereafter one harsh word against h er    will not be tolerated. He accuses his mother of sending her away for good now comes out with a complaint of her not coming. He asks her if Tulasi had come would she have allowed her to enter the house' he goes in for a wash. Tulasi calls her mother in law to the shrine room and tells her the whole story of the visit to the specialist and her reply. She tells her that she should find a wife for her son and she  will not be in the way       

At the workshop. Mano is absent minded. The boss asks what the problem is Rajesh come to the workshop and informs him his mother is seriously ill at the hospital. Money is needed. The boss says he could give only 5000 rupees thanking they rush out. They go to the gold smith to buy the thali. They wanted one with less gold. The proprietor asks if it is a love marriage. He knows their state their mind is as his daugher had done the same thing. She is no more now I advice you take this piece. He blesses and gives the piece. Upendra is pressurising Ganga for the money   At the office Thols and Krishnan sir are discussing the financial position. Which party to be paid which can be given later. A call from the site about a problem comes. They both leave. Thols has a lot of cash to be deposited on his way to the site. Ganga offers to do that so that he can attend  the problem he gives the  coer to her and leaves. At the saree shop Kanchana, Anjali, Anu, Kishore's mother, Kishore and Aditya were looking for the grandest saree for Anu. Anu complains of a head ache. Brother in law accuses Ganga of bringing the family name to the street by supporting a prostitute. Ganga accuses him of all the bad deeds in the world
SELVI       episode 338        
Selvi goes to get a loan for her new business Surety by someone is needed so she fails to get the loan. Maya entering the bank says stinging words that people like her ought not to be anywhere near the bank. She announces her marriage to Dilipan. She asks not to be any where near the marriage. Selvi congratulates her and leaves, shocking her.  At the Andavan court Tamarai presiding. Selvi' latest predicament and how she is like a fish out of water. She is like a match stick and Andavan the whirlwind will  destroy her. Coming in Dilipan says a thunder has fallen on their business.  It is off, as Andavan groupe had caused trouble at the travel office which is a major party in their business. He roars he has now found out the low ruffians they are. Good riddance of you all, He pointedly says to Tamarai. For once caught by some one, Andavan goes to Maya's father and says hell has broken loose. This wedding is also off say  he. Kathan the hit man says he will bring the dead bodies of Selvi an Dlipan by tomorrow. Maya enters and says she will deal with Dilipan and nobody should interfere.     Dilipan exhausted after thats session with Andavan faces Maya  He  welcomes her saying what a pleasant surprise. She comes to the point and asks what his relationship with Selvi is  She shows him the cell phone of picture of them both  He laughs aloud and says he knew it she was the taking the picture   I am friendly with her to  make her believe and then land her on the streets. Our goals are the same. Dilipan praises her beauty her style of functioning and her courage    Thanking him she leaves
 Dilip slumps in his chair saying what a has to do in certain situations. Selvi enters asking if it is true in all cases. Why are you growing faith in Maya's heart, only to dash it? She has surmised that what he was saying about Selvi to Maya was really about what he was going to do to Maya.

Muthukumar meets Mohini at a roadside. She arrives by auto rikshaw. He hands over 5 lakhs to her, and warns her to be careful -- why did she come by auto? He is proven right, Solai's men are in cahoots with the auto driver, who stops at a suitable place, where three of his accomplices snatch not only the bundle of money but also her purse, and make off in the same auto. She is distraught, but no one in Senthil's house will believe her. Nor does her own father. Meanwhile, at Ranga's office, there is celebration. They have been awarded the foreign tender. Ranga declares a one-month bonus for all employees. At Solai's place, Muthukumar is informed that the quote he obtained was incorrect, the actual amount quoted by Kadambam Food Products was lower. They speculate who might have misled them. Ranga, says Kumar. No, you and your wife, says Solaiappan. Solai demands all the money back, including the 3 lakhs he gave him for his marriage supply contract. When Kumar tries to act tough, Solai threatens to kidnap his daughter, and forces him to sign a promissory note. At Ranga's office, Badri says she has been hasty in declaring bonus. Just like in your personal life, he adds, reminding her she was the one who did not wait for her man because he had gone abroad. She is shocked.

May 16

ANANDAM              15th May        
Rajeshwariis in hospital and the whole family is there. Laxman is consoling RK that God is there to protect them. At the site Bhoomi Puja preperations are on. Abhirami thinks how happy she would be if Shyam  were here to witness this event. Shanthi receives Shyam at the airport and explaing the circumstances brings him to the  house. Shanthi asks him and go and tackle his sister. As the Karpoora arti starts Shyam enters asking them to stop it. Happy he has come she asks him to come and participate. He says this deed should be stopped. Sreenivasan who intervenes is snubbed by Shyam. She  says he had signed the document and how come he is backing out. Shyam says he did not sign. There is confusion among the builders. Sreenivasan suspets if Abhirami had done this fraud. The builders leave the premises asking Abhirami and Sreenivasan to come and meet them at their office the next day. Shyam goes to the hospital to see the aiing Rajeshwari. He asks RK's pardon saying he didnot understand the evil plan of his sister. He goes to the bedside and tells Rajeshwari that the pooja has been stopped and the house will not be demoished. Every body is relieved.

Ashok takes the blame for th ecrime and the police release the sister in law and children. Vidya who was there is shocked to hear Ashok admitting his crime. Pandi and friend sitting in the car observe the scene and decide to leave Ashok and Pichandi are taken to the police station and asked to sign a document and taken to the lock up. Shiva asks the senior assistant to complete a piece of work. He takes objection to Shiva ordering him. He refuses to d o   the work as he is a senior staff and as such cannot be ordered about. A fight ensues and Amala entering the scene stops the fight and says Shiva being the manager should be obeyed and moreover he is a sincere worker and she know that. They say they obey her father only. She sacks all of them. They refuse to work. Shiva takes up the work and does a good job. Shivakami and groupe enter the hospital. Gounder is happy to see them. Shanmukam calls Gounder aside and talks with him. He  points out Tulasi's mistake lying to him and his mother about the doctors visit and result. That was cause for  leaving Tulasi in their house. They both are consulting a specialist for treatment. Gounder blesses them but he admonishes  his daughter for  not being open with her husband. After they left he comments Sivami for her silence. Murthy says she has been like this since she came back from Kadir's house. Gounder asks her why she went there Murthy tells him of Kadir's uncle's visit demanding money she went   to show her anger at them. Gounder remembers various scenes with Kadir and how he had vowed to ruin him for his betrayal of his mother and the pitiable condition she lived. He had told him he would not disclose his identity but would make him own up in front of the community. Meenakshi  is to be sent home.

Upendra tells Ganga he needs the money urgently and she has to do something. Thols comes to see Ganga about some work. Arguments arise as Ganga wants to give the paint contract to a different company. Tholssays  Abhi construction ordered from a different company. At the end they agrees. Abhi should be consulted. He goes away. Upendra asks who this man was although he knows who Thols was. Ganga says she is hoping to get the commission from this deal to pay him his needed money. Thols and Ganga are on the way to their site. Ganga comments on his style in dressing and hairstyle changed people are commenting in the office. Is there a girl in view. The topic goesto his proposal to marry her. Thols tries to explain his stand. They see a crowd and a car. Ganga stops the car and goes to the spot. She sees a policeman harassing a girl the complaint being prostitution. The girl says poverty was the cause. Her mother with a baby in her hands vouchsafes this. Ganga asks where are the men involved in this case police say they escaped. Ganga becomes furious saying men are left scot-free and women are harassed she asks them to come with her to the commissioner. The policeman releases the girl. Ganga advises her to do some hard work but not do this again. Thols marvels at Ganga's action. She says that is Ganga for you. Rajeeshs brother and wife come to offer condolences to Bhasker family. Krishnan sir from Abhi's office hands over cash and Alamelu grabs it. The visiting woman comments Abhi helping this family all through whereas Arti is a hopeless case. Bhasker snatches the money from her hands and goes to return it. Alamelu says they have every right for the money as his father had united them both before his death. Bhasker says he is fed up of hearing such comments.

Tamarai's tirade against Selvi irks  the owner. He tells her he appreciates her work and she will not be sacked. Then comes Andavan's declaration. He says Tamarai was
Selvi's boss, who  had sacked her because she took away Tamarai's husband. The shocked lady changes her attitude and asks her husband to sack Selvi. Selvi  studies the situation turning to Tamarai says she is doing all the wrong things she leaves the place and goes to  Dilipan. Niranjan and Dilipan listen Selvi's to dismissal from work. Niranjan asks her why she didnot retaliate and fight with her Selvi says she has had many falls and set backs and every time bounced back where as Tamarai has facced no setbacks and when the fall comes she will not be able to get up. Niranjan angrily remarks that she still has regard for this woman who is   ruining  her. Dilipan promises another job. Selvi says she has decided to start something of her own like Niranjan from which nobody could drive her. Dilipan  admires her guts and self confidence. Beaming with a smile he wishes her all the luck. Selvi pauses for a moment and tells them these words remind her of   Priyan. Niranjan and Dilipan though silent have a happy feeling. Selvi ogoes home. Seeing her in low spirits mother asks the reason. She says her job is off thanks to Tamarai. Mother gets angry and curses her for doing this to. Selvi. GJ comes in asking her to stop cursing Tamarai. Selvi asks him he has no feelings for her and. Tamarai is his priority as always mother asks if she is going to trouble her in every venture what is to be done. Tamarai says hereafter she will start her own business from which no one can sack her. She has confidence and knows how to do it. GJ asks where are the resources coming from. She says she has her plans and confidence   people will see  the facet of her that nobody has seen.

Deepa tells Ranga of Muthukumar being given a copy of the tender by Uma, from her computer. Ranga is shocked, but says that even if this is true and Kadambam Food Products incurs a lloss because of this, she will not confront Uma, for fear of losing her friendship. Deepa thinks she must find a way around this which would safeguard the friendship between Ranga and Uma. Some more marriage talk between Kala and Poongadi's mother with Kasi Anne regarding Poongadi and Kailash. Kasi does not give much encouragement, though he remains polite. He doesn't want to hurt their feelings by telling them Kailash's blunt reply. Bharani and Chitra, along with grandfather, try to get Ranga to take on the losses of Bharani's Chitra Cabs by getting it absorbed in Kadambam. Nothing doing, says Ranga. Deepa is listening, outside. She asks Ranga how she can afford to be cheerful in the face of her son's scheming. Who says Bharani is my son? says Ranga, mysteriously.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

May 15

ANANDAM          15th May                    
Police question kanduvaddi and tell him that AC has implied  that he is involved in the stamp paper case. K vaddi pleads his innocence. Hesays knew no other business but lending money. He is instructed to inform them if anybody calls and cooperate in the investicagation. His assistants enter the room and ask several questions. He snaps at one of them that it was idea his idea to meet the AC that has invited this problem. Another man suggestsSreenivasan must be in this. They decide to go out. A tender coconut seller by his gate looks familiar to Kandu vaddi so decides to return home but the seller had called the police about his departure by car to the police. Uma finds her father lighting incense in front of her mother's picture. He talks of his love for her. He says she had been his guiding angel who  inspired him in his work. Uma asks how he has no relatives on either side. He married her for love and the families shunned them but came when we had succeeded in life. We kept them away. She died leaving you and since then you are my sole life he said. He said he is happy to have found a life partner in Shyam for her. He wants to do that duty and leave in peace. The builders  come with a video of how demolition work takes place  to show Abhirami . They had secured the permission  for demolition. Rajeshwari comes and Abhirami invites her in. The video showing the demolition of a huge apartment complex crumbling is on. Rajeshwari sees that and is shocked beyond words. She catches hold of Abhirami's hands and begs   h er to stop this evil work. She says she had put up with all the losses and troubles created by her but begs her to stop this. Abhirami mocks at her and says so many bungalows have been made into apartments all over the country but no one had reacted like her. I will carry on my work she said. Rajeshwari walks in a dazed state to her house and collapses at the door. RK rushes and holds on to her.

Tulasi had asked her mother to accompany her and she refused. Tulasi asks her apply kumkum and bless her as she is going for a check up Suddenly mother decides to accompany. Murthy is shocked she had changed her mind. They all leave. The police        along with Pichandi come in search of Pandi and his accomplice. Pandi hurries his brother Ashok to get into a car go with his accomplice to stay in a place of safety for a few days. Sisterin law asks Ashok not to comply but  he was taken away in a car. Pandian in hi s mobike leading the way. Police enter the house in search of them. Take the wife and children in the van. Ashok  sees Vidya and another girl going to the temple. Pandian goes to get the keys. Ashok escapes in the mobike confronts. Vidya to explain his mistake. The police van with thre sisterin law and children is standing there. Ashok runs tothe van asking how they were in the van police get him. Pichandi tells them this is Ashok. Ashok says he did the planning sister in law shouts he is innocent. Pandian accuses his accomplice of being negligent.

Upendra inside the room thinks of his past life with Ranjani. Ganga from outside calls him master please open the door. He comes out and starts saying he is a classical dancer and how do they suspect him  police say they will t race the details of the gun but they should all cooperate. Son in law metions his name is Upendra. Ganga later asks him how come he is having a pistol. He says to defend himself from enemies. He pleads his case for money and that too fast. Ganga says the amount being large it will take time. Grand mother tells Kanchana to have the engagement the next day. Kanchana says there is no time. Mother tells her after Aditya 's marriage fiasco she is scared things may again go wrong if delayed. She agrees Easwaran asks his mother in law why she was scared. She tells him. Anu's plans to leave home. Mano gets a phone call from Anu. Manu is pleading with her. Arti comes and snatches te phone and asks Anu to leave her brother alone. Mano slaps Arti. Mother comes and asks him how a girl he has known for a few months becomes his priority and how dare he hit his sister. She curses her fate for having a son like this. Arti consoles her mother.

Sathya abusing. Ranjani of being unfaithful pushes her out and there stands Bala who had come to pick up Maya. Sathya turns his anger on him. Having given money for the function he has come to take the reward for that. Take her away and take that child also away he is your child. Bala asks Sathya to be decent  and Sathya comes out with more venom. Bala goes to hit him. Ranjani dramatically turns on Bala accusing of coming between a husbad and wife. Bala leaves Sathya applauds her for her dramatic act of a loyal wife he leaves the house. He calls Selvi's house. Gj picks up. He promptly tells his story. First GJ defends his sister saying she is the blabbering type and not a bad person. Then Sathya says that child is not his gJ remembers certain incidents. Gj says he can understand the plight of a hisband whose wife is not true to him. Sathya is happy that GJ understands his plight. Selvi who is listening asks him what he was talking about Ranjani. You ought to defend your sister instead you are joining him in the abuse. GJ says not everybody is broadminded like him to put up with all this like her friendship with Dilipan. Selvi is shattered at this comment  at work. Selvi is commended for her work and offered a raise in salary as they were opening a new branch they wanted her to head that branch. She she is accepting the salary and the new posting and in march Tamarai, Andavan Amar and Kathan. They tell the in charge they want to buy that business. He says it is not for sale. Andavan says Tamarai can buy you out in no time. The lady who is also the owner says only if she is willing to sell . This is not for sale they threaten Andavan that they will call the police  the usual  drama of calling the commissioner does not work here. As a parting shot Tamarai warns them sharks like Selvi are out to swindle their business they should sack her. Selvi looks on shocked.

Dr. Manohar comes into Swati's house, but is totally lost in confusion at having seen Anjali (Deepa) in this place. He still doesn't know if what he has seen is real. He keeps referring to Swati as Anjali, and finally, loses his cool so much that he apologizes and leaves. Anjali/Deepa watches with amusement.
In the office, Chitra is speaking with Ranga, and alleging that Kumar has gone on the office tour with Uma. Ranga says not to talk about Uma or Kala. Kala, Badri and Deepa arrive with the new tender. Chitra is asked to leave, which she does, asking why Deepa is allowed. Ranga does not answer. After destroying all copies except the original, Deepa is deputed to submit the tender, a task usually done by Uma. But Uma is out of town, and they cannot wait until it returns, because of the deadline. So Deepa it is. When Uma returns, Muthukumar brainwashes her successfully that she has been sidelined, it was Deepa who submitted the tender. She gets carried away, and gives Kumar a copy of the tender from her computer. Deepa is watching from a window. Kumar goes to Solai with the tender, and gets 7 lakhs in return. He is like a pig in a garbage dump, thrilled to incoherence as Solai showers the money on him.

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

May 12

The project people ask for the document signed by Abhirami and Shyam. They discuss demolition plans   and leave Ramya comes to see her sister. Sreenivasan wants to leave. Ramya insists that he should stay and hear what she wants to say. Stop this plan of demolishing the old house which is like a temple to the family. Abhirami points out that family had wrecked her life. How did Shyam agree to this asks Ramya. Shanthi visits Uma. She asks if she knew of his latest plan. She asks if Shyam knows his sister's plan he wold not have signed. Uma calls Shyam and after enquiry about Laxman's health. Uma asks him if he knows about the construction planned. He says Abhirami told him everything later. Shanthi asks Shyam to come back soon. RK and Shanthi wonders how Shyam had done this. Shanthi calls him and asks him to come back soon. Rajeshwari becomes emotional. RK says Abhirami is a crook that is the difficulty. Police are under great pressure from the centre and state govt s. Kandu Vaddi is holding a conclave discussing how to avoid donation seeking people. Police party arrives. Officer asks pointed questions to Kandu Vaddi about Mahesh the police officer under arrest. Kanduvaddi skillfully answers. Has he met the officer and what was the business they had? It was becoming a bit too much for Kandu Vaddi.
MALARGAL episode 146         
Pandian draws out a plan to keep his brother in a separate house with no contact with the outside world. He is a danger for him in this remorseful mood. Vidya wants to ask Shanmukam's pardon because of the treatment meted out to him in their house. She tells him of her husband's phone call. Tulasi hears this conversation. He asks her to keep quiet and  get ready to see the specialist in chennaiTulasi asks her mother to come along so that she will see her husband also. Sivakami says in a frustrated mood she cannot get over certain things that are bothering her. Sivakami tells her daughters not to expect everything to happen to their liking. Pichandi is questioned by the police. He could not handle the situation for long. He agrees to tell the story implicating. Ashok as the person responsible for this plan. He was advised to do so by Pandian as a last resource. A marriage broker comes to. Ramesh's house with a very good proposal for Mohansundaram's niece. Darshini. The uncle and Sundari shout at him for coming with a proposal in a grieving house. Shard says Darshini's future is also important so they should consider the proposal. Darshini dramatically says the well being and happiness of the aunt is of prime importance. She asks the broker to leave. Sharda is overwhelmed by her sacrifice.

Anu ,Mano a, Rajesh and his friend come to the. Registrar's office with garlands to have a register marriage. The registrar asks for identification age certificate and other formalities to be fulfilled first and aftert hat the names to be put on the noticeboard and after two days only can he register the marriage. Outside a broker comes to help them. He asked Rs s10000as charges later comes down to 5000 even then he neeed two days. Anu comes home. Kishore's family had come to take. Anu for shopping. Anjali makes fun of Kishore and as time passed Anu was not to be seen. When Anjali goes to fetch her she is not home. Grandmother suddenly remembers she had gone to the temple. The party leaves asking G mother to bring her to the shops when she comes. Aditya is wild with  anger. Anu enters stealthily and grandmother confronts her. She says she ha gone to get her embroided chudidars. Grandmother asks her to have a wash and come and have something to eat. Grandmother opens her bag and there is no new chudidar in it. It is a bag packed with essentials for a small trip.

Sathya wakes up hears nadaswaram and the the house decorated with festoons. He asks what all this is about. He asks Ranjani, "Are you getting married?" She retorts that as a father he never bothered to do any function for their son so she had take the initiative. Ranjani gets call from the caterers and the temple pujaris. She answers all that and tries to to be indifferent to all the taunts aimed at her. He asks her where she got the money from. She says as usual it is her anni, Tamarai. The function at the temple over every one assemble at the house they come and take leave of Sathya. Tamarai comes congratulates him for the grand function. She says she is proud of him for making a success of the business he had under taken. She laments GJ had cheated her whereas he has stood by Ranjani. Ranjani is counting the money people had given the child and noting it down. He snatches her thali and says she had been unfaithful to him. Tamarai had not given money where she got it from. She says Maya. He asks if Bala had given. He asks her swear on her child's name that she is a faithful person. She screams at him and stops him from hitting her.

Kasi asks Kailash if he is interested in Poogadi. He tells him he is not. Father is shocked and saddenend.
Manohar comes over to Ranga's house at Swati's request, in connetion with her college function. As he drivs in, he notices Deepa (only her back). He hurries after her to the outhouse. Kailash is there, and he asks him if Anjali lives there. Kailash says no, but gives no further information. He directs him to Swati's house. Later Kailash tests Deepa by calling her Anjali, she is composed and does not betray herself. Much drama at Senthil's place. Father in law wants passbook, Mohini once again claims to have forgotten it.

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May 11

May 11th episodes           
Rajeshwari   returns from the temple and says she prayed for getting back the property. Rohini returning from work informs that Abhirami had come to her Bank and took back the documents regarding their house. What is she up to asks Rajeshwari. I will tell you in detail says Abhirami entering their house. She reveals her plan to build a luxurious six floor complex with a pent house for herself ,a floor each for her brother and sister. She   calls RK   and offers one floor if he wants. She again says she is going to construct this on the plot   all of them had lived all these years. Rajeshwari faints on hearing this. Sreenivasan calls his lawyer seeking advice if he has to take anticipatory bail now that ACMahesh isunder arrest. Lawyer asks him him to tell him the truth what connection does he have with him. Mutual help when needed he says. Lawyer asks him not to worry and if anything crops up he is there to help. Sreenvasan .Gautam comes home finding Ramya engrossed in needlework. Tells her  Abhirami's plans about the house. Ramya wants to talk and dissuade her. Gautam says Abhirami will listen to anyone. Her one advisor is Gautam's father who is himself in trouble after the arrest of Mahesh. RK wakes up and not finding his wife in bed searches for her in the house and then takes his car and goes to the old home and found her standing in front of the house crying. He consoles her and tells he will take care of that problem. Builders come to Abhirami's house. Sreenivasan is with her they show the model of the new structure. Abhirami is filled with happiness.

Pandi beats his wife for brainwashing Ashok. Aashok he is remorseful for having ruined a family. Pandi asks him to be brave leave the next morning. Shiva and Amala enjoy their cup of tea at the tea stallwaiting for the tailor to finish stitching the half saree. At home she dresses up in the half saree presented by /shiva and the flowers he had given. She stays in the dark and calls him and then lights a candle. She appeared like a devata to him. She makes him to talk about himself and says she has never been happier. She gets irritated when he mentions Revathy's name. Sivakami refuses to eat. Murthy tries to persuade her. Vidya tried in vain. Murthy says what is the secret that is troubling their family. Sivakami asks him not to go in search of it. She is suffering because she did that. He says she is missing his father and asks her to go to the hospital. She blurts out she doesn't want to see him then changed it to being unable to see her granddaughter in that condition.

Thinking Usha  must have called Abhi's house he tries to slap her. Minister comes and gives him the good news that he had stopped Abhi getting the contract. He can relax now. At Delhihi Abhi and Rajamani Madam get ready proceed with the work they are told there is a snag. Abhi had been arrested and released on bail as such such a big project cannot be given to her. Abhi and Rajamani plead that was it a false case she was released unconditionally. Abhi calls Thols to find out about  the Ranjani case and inform Thols says he spotted Upendra. Police is after him. Karpagam goes to Thols's house and accuses him for hiding Arti in the house when she visited them last time. Shanthi intervenes and tells her Abhi knows Arti is with them she drags her daughter home. Anu frantically calls Mano and arrives with a bag. She says she has left home Mano pleads with her that he is not for running away like this. She has to wait till Abhi comes. She refuses to go back he goes to Rajesh and seeks his help.
SELVI          episode334    
Ranjani comes to Puja and laments that after living in a lavish style here she finds id irksome to manage. She feels sorry for her child. There has been no celebration after his birth. She wants to do some function. Her husband does not even touch her child. Ranjani is walking and a car stops beside her. Bala gets out of the car and greets her. Shesays she is going to meet maya. She wants to have a celebration for her child she wanted some help and  also to invite her. He informs that Mayais not home. He offers her money as a gift to the child. She comes home and goes to pick up her child from the neighbour. She says her husband had taken the child. There was smoke in the house her husband  turns round and welcomes her. He says he has changed now. He wants to be good to her. She mentions the function. He promises support  she is happy that things are brightening up for her. Suddenly she realises nothing has changed. All that she went through was her imagination.

Solaiappan is threatening one of his borrowers who has gone to the police. Says I'll shoot you and then inform the police you had a drinking problem. Muthukumar shows up. Shouts and demands his money from the contract that never materialized. Instead of the 1.5 lakhs promised him, Solaiappan gives him 3 lakhs. Promises him 7 lakhs if he brings him information about the tender for the foreign company that has just approached Kadambam Food Products for a tender. His eyes light up. Mohini comes to him demanding money to put back into her father in law's account (why, it is not clear, for she did sign the papers to borrow the money from Solaiappan). He tells her about the tender deal, without mentioning Solaiappan. Love blossoms further between Kailash and Poongadi.

May 10

ANANDAM 10th May

AC Mahesh answers all the questions and he is made to sign the statement. He is taken away to the lockup. Abhirami gets her brother's document through the courrier. She is proud of her brother for his promptness. She has a sence of acheivement that Shanthi's cannot do anything now. Sreenivasan Abhirami and the project cheif go to the bank to get the loan applied for on the property. Rohini tells them to wait as the director is in a meeting. Soon the documents are sent to Rohini for verification and the treasurer comes with the draft. Rohini is perturbed at this. Kandu vaddi and cronies are waiting for tough guy who made the killing in Ramakrishnan's case. K vaddi tels him his fears that A C Mahesh is under arrest that he may involve his name. Tough guy says Mahesh will not mention his name as he is busy extricating himelf in the stamp paper deal. If there is need he is there to help. Arjun Balaji and Ghani are having cool drinks discussing about Govindanghan. Ghani says police dept is shaken by Mahesh[s invovementand arrest. Sreenivasan mayalso be be dragged in. Rajeshwari goes to the temple to pray for getting back their property on which hinges Kartk and Shanthi's life together. Abhirami comes to the same temple with prayers for the successful completion of her project. They both go round the temple praying at each shrine but not meeting each other.

Murthy finds his mother in a dazed condition crying non stop. He asks her if she had been to Kadir's house she says yes. He asks her not to mention it to his father as it will upset him says he. Murthy says he also wants to find out the secret that is the cause of this enemity. She hurriedly stops him and says not to do that. She ventured and she is in this state. Women have to face situations because men create the situations. Murthy gives the good news of help through Shiva;s boss for Meenakshi's treatment. He beings her home. Ashok is coaxed by his sister in law to eat something. Ashok is filled with remorse 'She says the fact he repents means he can do something good to a tone for the harm caused. He should not ever come into his brother's fold. Pandian hears this. As Ashok was watching the pictures of Vidya and himself in the cell phone his niece grabs the cell phone and runs He beats the child and gets back the cell phone. Brother comments that it was a mistake on his part to have given him the wedding video.

Bhasker comes to Rajesh's house and poisons his mind about. Tholkappian He is a marriage wrecker he poisoned Abhi's mind and caused their divorce. Abhi being a clever person has come up in life. Arti is a young girl. Why should she go to his house instead of her mother's house. Rajesh who really loves Arti tries to say Arti is is also a mature girl and Thols is a decent person. Rajesh goes to Abhi's house and asks to see. Arti mother doesn't know that Arti is not with him. Asking pardon for troubling her he goes home. Suderi who heard Bhasker's talk calls Arti and thanks her for her sacrifice in leaving the home so that Rajesh will treat her as a wife. Now Sundari wants Arti never to come back into their life Aditya comes home in a foul mood He shouts that usha is at the bottom of his failure to procure the contract. He tries to strangle her. She tells him She has not had any connection with Abhi She is not a fool to undermine her own husband. His mother pacifies him saying Kishore's family have arrived and he should meet them. Phone line being busy he decides to go and meet Anu frantically calls Mano to say things are getting out of hand and asks him to meet her. Adi forgetting Kishore's number redials and Anandi Answers His suspicion flares up.

Amar goes on and on about Puja as to how she is still carrying on with that man He is really fed up with life Look at Malar he says she Is living with the memory of her husband and treating them both like her own parents. If they will not mistake him he wants to say something that has been in his mind. He would like to give her a life by marrying her. The parents are shocked. He points out he has to get a divorce first the wife buts in and says Malar should be for it. It is delicate and one has to proceed slowly he mentions Tamarai Akka should not know this now Tamarai and Malar enter Tamarai wants to know what he was doing there He starts out a very different story the in laws look at each other The next day Tamarai and Malar walk into Amar's office. Tamarai orders him to give a good job for her. Amar suggests the receptionists job. She said the salary should be 40% more than the usual salary for her. She asks Amar to bring the order typed out. Malar says she does not want to work here Why asks Tamarai. I don't like the people and the atmosphere Tamarai rejects that and says this is the safest place for her to work. She asks Malar complain to her direct if she has a problem. Malar leaves, gathering the order from Amar silently.

The next day, Deepa exposes several flaws in the keerai lady and Muthukumar's story. The medical report is of someone else. But instead of catching Muthukumar, she sympathizes with him that this keerai lady has taken advantage of his kind heart. Ranga later asks why she didn't have the lady confess, so they could confront Muthukumar. Deepa says that would have poisoned relations with Uma. She adds that Ranga is to believing, and all those around her are not so good as she thinks. Mohini wants to borrow 5 lakhs from Solai. He demands sexual favours in return. She is furious, and says she will sign a promissory note, he should entertain no other expectations. She signs, gets the money, and leaves. Some foreign businessmen come to Kadambam to survey the foods with a view to stocking their stores in the US. A potential 40-crore rupee order, Ranga worries that someone would scuttle it.